Saturday, August 17, 2013

Gresham Criterium

I haven't been racing my bike at all this year, but I got talked in to doing the Gresham Criterium today.  I've been doing this course for decades.  It was the state championship course for many, many years.   They had a 40+ cat 3/4 category, which I always like.  There were probably 25 guys in the race.   I felt pretty good and spent some time at the front in the mid-section of the race.  Tried to go for one or two breakaways that didn't work.  Then, sprinted for a prime but just missed it.  But, thankfully they rang the bell again and myself and one other guy (the guy who just won the prime) were able to stay away for the next lap and I was able to win that one.   Prize was $5, which I traded for a Ninkasi beer with my friend who had won that as his prize for winning a different prime.

I didn't position myself correctly for the final.  I blame that on just my lack of racing this year.  I was still able to get 7th.   I'll take it.  
I actually wore my HR monitor for a change.   I obviously worked hard for that prime and the finish!

My focus is now squarely on Challenge Penticton and then IM Arizona (and then the Boston marathon).

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