Wednesday, November 13, 2013

IM Arizona Prediction

I see David posted his history of past Ironman events and what his predictions for this one will be.  I think he definitely has a chance for a PR on this one.  Go David!!!!   He has done the training, and the weather looks like it is going to be cool and mild.  Which will make for a nice race experience.

So, I guess I should post my predictions.

Previous Ironman events, Zero.

This weekends prediction; finish and finish strong!!!  Meaning running the whole marathon.

Actually, I am hoping for 1:45 for the swim, around a 6:30 for the bike and 5:00 for the run. With transitions, a total time of around 13:30.

I will have to admit, I am a bit nervous right now.  I did as much research as possible on what it takes to train for an Ironman, put a plan together for the year, executed the plan and adjusted accordingly throughout the year.  Watched my nutrition, lost a bunch of weight (30 pounds), Did a couple of half marathons, a full marathon, a half Ironman, and an Ironman relay (swim portion) to test my nutrition plan, and see where I am in my training. It all comes down to this Sunday.

I am looking forward to seeing Laurel, my Arizona friend, who took time out of her day before work at 6:00 am one morning, meeting me at Tri-Sports in Tempe early in the year the taking me and my rental bike on one loop of the bike course, with a detour through Fountain Hill at the turn-around.  It's been an amazing year.

We are headed to the Airport tomorrow morning and will arrive in Tempe around 2:30pm.  I shipped my bike through TriBike Transport and hope to make it to the pickup site before they close on Thursday.  David and I would really like to get in a little ride on the course early Friday morning, check out the run course and get a swim in on Saturday morning.  Other than that, relax, rest and get ready for our long day on Sunday.

I wish David and all the other athletes out there the best race ever this Sunday.


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