Monday, November 4, 2013

Portland Triathlon

It's been a while since my last post.  What's happened since my last post?  Portland Triathlon, World Championships in Kona and a lot of training.  Let's start with the Portland Tri.

I participated in this race last year and although it was tough for me, it was a blast. I road my CAAD 10 with clip on aero bars. I trained in preparation for the event last year, but not near the intensity I have been doing this year in preparation for IM Arizona.  This year I was a little more prepared.  With lots of training leading up to IM Arizona this was going to be a fun training day.  Practicing my sighting while taking advantage of the Thursday evening swims at Cathedral Park, sponsored by Zing3 Coaching through Athletes Lounge, really paid off.  My swim this year was much much straighter than last year.
 Portland Tri swim

For the bike this year I used the Cannondale Slice my wife bought me for our anniversary with FLO wheels.  Soooo much nicer to ride than the CAAD 10 in these events.  The weather was cool and a little windy with some pretty hefty gusts.  Great practice for Arizona.  No matter, I managed to pull off a 19.6 mph average ride.  About a mile per hour faster than last year. And last year was not near as windy.  The run was great as well.  In all disciplines I improved from the previous year, so all in all, it was a great day.  

Must be having fun!!!

Next up.....  Kona!

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