Monday, October 28, 2013

1 more big weekend down

John and I were able to get together for training this weekend.  We hit Hagg lake early Saturday morning for some (cold!) open water swimming.  I got in 2 miles, which is my furthest swim by a long ways this year.  Still, I felt fine.  I get a little better each time I swim.
Then we drove up to Banks and did a 16 mile out and back on the beautiful Banks-Vernonia trail.  I had a tough time for some reason.  The last several miles were pretty tough and I ended up running a good 10-15 seconds per mile slower than my normal cruising pace.   I think this can be attributed to a month of hard training.  It should get better from here on out.   Just hope I'm not getting sick.
I had some pretty bad knee pain for most of the run, which is a little worrisome but I think it will be OK.

Sunday was supposed to be another nice day, with maybe a slight shower or two for a bit.  We headed out west from my house at 8:30am.  The roads were dry and we both rode our nice aero wheels.  It started raining soon after that and didn't really let up until about 30 minutes after we finished.  Still we held a nice 21-22mph pace on the flats and only lost a little on the climbs.   I've learned that a GU every 10 miles works well for me.   I got in 80 and it was kind of miserable but not really very hard.  Bike fitness is pretty good.   My knee hurt with every single pedal stroke for over 4 hours.    But, it doesn't hurt at all today so I think it will be OK.  
I still maintain that the post-ride run is the most important workout of the weekend.   John got his in, but I just couldn't do it due to the knee pain.  Darn it.  

It's still 20 days out, but the weather for AZ is looking AWESOME!  High of 71 and overcast.   I'm so used to doing these things in mid 80's or above.  It would be SO nice to actually get to race in cooler weather.

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