Friday, October 25, 2013

Biggest weekend complete

Feels good to get the biggest weekend done.  There is still one more big weekend of training but it will be a little less than this last one.    On Saturday I got in an 18 mile run at my new cruising pace (7:54).   As always when you start to get some fitness, the first 5 miles are horrible, then you get about 10 good miles where it is really enjoyable, then the last 3 are hard again.
Sunday was 100 mile non-stop ride.  It was really foggy for the first couple of hours so I headed to the Banks Vernonia trail where I wouldn't have to worry about being hit by a car.  The trail was out of the fog and beautiful though the climb does a number on your average speed.   After 60 miles I met Rick and we did another 40 or so in the hills out west.  It was hard, but I felt better than last week.  I think my average was just over 19 again.
Once the ride was done I did a quick transition and ran 3 miles.  Man, that is hard.  Those 3 miles were easily the worst part of the whole weekend.  I hope it pays off because it sure isn't fun.  Running is the last thing I want to do after finishing off a long ride!

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