Monday, July 29, 2013

7 Mile Hill Road - The Gorge

Anniversary present from Robin.  Cannondale Slice.

It was a nice clear day (Saturday July 27, 2013) and we headed out to Hood River in the Gorge.  Robin took her Mom to see their old house and around the “Fruit Loop” farms for a day out and about.  They dropped me off in the middle of town in Hood River.  David was gracious enough to give me a route to ride on my new Cannondale Slice.  

I should have known that any ride he gives me has hills in them.  This one wasn't any different and actually wasn't too bad, just a 7 mile long hill with about an average 5% grade.  Not to mention a 20+ mph headwind to boot.  Along with crosswinds that were in the 30+mph range.  This made for an interesting and stimulating downhill ride.  However, with the heat, and wind, I figured it might be some good training for Arizona.  Also, gave me a feel for how the Slice would handle in windy situations.

7 Mile Hill Road ride profile

I was impressed with the bikes stability.  I, on the other hand, got a bit nervous, first time on a bike in a long time, in the crosswinds speeding downhill.  I ended getting off the aero bars and back on the handlebars a few times to ensure my safety with traffic speeding by.  I stopped along the way to snap a few photos as it was one of those picture perfect days.  I also managed to come across a few riders with numbers on their back.  When I asked if there was a race going on, I found that the 100 mile Gorge Ride was going on at the same time.  Part of my route intersected with theirs a few times which was nice.

Looking out over the canyon with Mt. Adams peaking over the horizon.

The Columbia River.  I-84 down below.

Heading up 7 mile hill road on the TT bike was a bit of a challenge.  Not very fast, just slow and steady.  About a mile and a half from the summit was a rest stop for the Gorge Riders.  I stopped and asked if I could fill up my water bottles.  Not a problem.  They also offered me bananas and watermelon.  I was about 30 miles into my ride and they were at the 80 mile mark for theirs.  What a tough climb to be doing that far into a century ride. WHEW!!!!  I do appreciate the refueling, Thanks folks!

I got back into town, found the car, gave Robin a call.  After we loaded everything up, we went for pizza down the street.  I found out from one of the locals that it was the windiest day of the year.  Figures!!!!

Anyway, it was a blast and a nice workout.  The new bike was great.  Can't wait to get it out on some straightaways to see how it handles.  I have a set of FLO wheels coming (I was lucky enough to get in on pre-order #7, that I will put a set of Continental GP 4000S's on them and slap those on the Slice.  Can't wait!


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