Friday, July 12, 2013

Practice Tri at Hagg Lake

Our first practice Tri of the year at the local, somewhat local, lake was a blast.  It is primarily for folks wanting to experience or see what all is involved in a triathlon without the high cost, all the training, and long distances.  It is also for some of us that want to clear out the cobwebs from our time off and early training regimen for the new season.

Athlete's Lounge hosted this great event and there was quite a turnout.  I believe somewhere in the 80+ participant range.  The swim was a 300 yard out and back.  The water was warm enough to actually complete the swim without a wetsuit.  But also great experience for those not use to a wetsuit.  The mass start was its usual craziness.  I started out great then peeled off out of the crowd and took the long way around the course.  One of those days I wasn't into the climbing, kicking, elbowing, etc. so I took it easy and enjoyed myself.

The bike was a nice 10 mile trek around the lake.  It was in the early evening so most of the road was in the shade which made it very pleasant.  Some nice hills on the course and you saw every kind of bike from Mountain Bikes, to Road Bikes, to Daily Commuters and even some really nice TT bikes.

The run was a 2 mile out and back mostly through the woods on trails up and down and very narrow in places, which made it interesting when passing in either direction.  I haven't done much trail running this past year so with the unevenness and darkness of being in the woods allowed me the opportunity to roll my ankle.  Nothing drastic, but a moment of sheer panic with IM Lake Stevens just around the corner.

Once across the finish line, we headed directly to the buffet line where burgers and assorted condiments were served along with lots of door prizes and free stuff to be had by all.  Athlete's Lounge puts on such great events and really does a great job promoting the sport.

It was a fun time for all participants and I was glad I could participate.  A nice way to spend an evening after a crazy day at work.  The next day's event was the first Open Water Swim practice through, yes, Athlete's Lounge.  It is a great opportunity that is offered every Thursday night starting in early July, in preparation for the Portland Triathlon in September.  I always try to get down there after work, throw on the wetsuit and get a few laps in, to the bridge and back.

IM Lake Stevens is this Sunday and I am anxiously looking forward to it.  This will be my first official IM of any kind.  Tell you all about it when I get back.


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