Thursday, July 11, 2013

Practice Tri #1 in the books

John and I went out to Hagg Lake for a "practice" tri last night.  Athlete's Lounge does such a great job with these!  It is really low-key, and they cater to the true beginner.   And the swim is only 300yds, which is the real reason I like it.
For my first swim of any kind in over a year, I was just hoping to survive.  It was just a busy mess out there and 5 minutes later I was back on shore.   I guess I probably was right in the middle when starting out on the bike.   The bike went fine.  It was only the 3rd time riding my TT bike with the new cockpit and drivetrain.  I lost my chain once and over the last few miles I had to hold my lever in place to keep it in the large chainring.  Didn't cost me much time though.  Cycling is my strong sport, so I ended up passing all but 2 people.  I would have caught the 2nd guy in another quarter mile.  The first guy was so far ahead I never even saw him.
I came out of transition in 2nd, but was passed right away by one guy.   One other guy passed me just before the turnaround.  So, I got 4th overall.  5th was several minutes back.   Good times!  I hope I can do another one next month.
Hopefully John will post his race recap as well.

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